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Landing Page

Personalized URL

Password Protected Login

Link to Website

Link to Social Networking Sites

Selection of Category for Data Searches

Main Artwork on Landing Page

Business Description Area

Map/Driving Directions

Display of Operating Hours

Mall Link

Business Banner

Coupon/Announement/Offer System

Automated Coupon Management

Vendor Client Email Management (via Coupon System)

Analytics & Reporting, Page/Coupon Views & Printing

Banner Reciptocity Links (2) 

DYNAMIC Banner Updating

Rating System

Virtual Video Tour Support

Photo Gallery

Video Support

Lead/Referral Tracker

No industry is the same, therefore we offer customized packages so you can tailor the features and functionality of your eCorkboard so it works

for you and your business.  


Our unique system is scalable, allowing you to get into our system affordably and grow your program as your vendor-base grows.

Whether managing your own eCorkboard or opting for our “Hands Free” program, we have programs available to suit any type of environment.

Give us a call at 800-452-2950 or complete the form below to discuss our flex packages!

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While you have full control over the information put into your eCorkboard, our tech team offers our services to get you up and running! 

We offer various levels of setup, marketing and administrative support, suitable for tech and non-tech savvy users. Whatever you choose, the team at eCorkboard by Kahoolie is available to answer all of your questions and guide you through the launch of your board! 


Reserve Hosting Space

Software Rental

Insert Company Branding

Create Vendor Categories

Import Database

Master Banner

Vendor Sales Kit

Subdomain Setup

Setup (3) Vendor Accounts

AD Place Holder

Sponsorship Title


The eCorkboard by Kahoolie! Marketing Team can assist with reaching your vendors through telemarketing, customer follow up, email marketing, coupon/announcement creation and design artwork of landing pages!

System Management

eCorkboard by Kahoolie may provide front-line technical support including data entry of vendor information, importing of customer lists (provided by vendors), outbound vendor calls to obtain/implement promotions and monitor all vendor entries on your eCorkboard system! 

We love to help our clients! Pricing dependent on number of listings/vendors incorporated into your eCorkboard. Give us a call or complete an inquiry form to discuss.

*setup & support fees additional