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Do you Market Creatively, Aggressively or Passively?

Sometimes an out of the box idea comes across your desk ...and it MAKES SENSE!

Kahoolie's eCorkboard provides a way to build good will with your vendor relationships, tie yourself tightly to the community, drive more traffic to your website, generate more opportunities ultimately resulting in more passive income!

Do you find yourself as the "go-to" person when it comes to referring various local businesses and professional services in the area?

Rather than passing a name, a phone number, website or boring typed pre-made list (and never knowing whether the pass-through actually happens) - consider using our trackable utility that promotes all involved!

Our eCorkboard can be distributed freely to all new and existing clients, vendors and community members. Make it part of your closing gifts or the perfect "Welcome Wagon" addition!

What makes our eCorkboard different than the current, tired, traditional ways of promoting your vetted vendor relationships? ...We'll tell ya!

Track who's doing what - and where your referrals are coming from!

• Generate reports for both you and each one of your vendors – see who has the most activity

• Clearly branded with your information on every item that it produces – from emailed notices, to daily/weekly circulars to the central directory page

• Built in triggered actions that bring consumers back to your own website time and time again!

• Easy to navigate, manage and circulate

• Automation is already built it! Our system does most of the work automatically, requiring little to no time on your part for maintenance and upkeep

• Flexible package options, offering options to upgrade or opt in for the Kahoolie Team to manage and market your board.

We know this system will work for you and building a successful pipeline of business. Let's get you started right away. Give us a call or Schedule your demo by here.

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