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The creators of Kahoolie! are excited to bring you a new and exciting way to promote local and affiliated businesses. We believe that our sophisticated technology has the potential to become an industry sensation.


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Our Personalized Approach

Are you, or your business, often approached to share recommendations such as top restaurants, barber shops or even parks and recreational activities nearby? Perhaps one of your friends or clients is looking for the best painter or contractor in town? You have lists or business cards of these professionals or establishments,

but do you have an all-in-one reference, readily available to share?

In a world where business cards, flyers, coupons and other printed materials have taken a back seat…

let us introduce you to Kahoolie’s newest service, the eCorkboard platform! 

An online, cross-promotional referral business channel that provides a place for all of your trusted, vetted go-to service professionals whom you conduct business with on a regular basis, an opportunity to be digitally displayed to clients, friends, family and others.




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